Red Dawg Hot Yoga

San Marcos, Texas

Core 26

"Core 26" is our basic "26 Postures" class modeled after the Bikram Yoga sequence.  It combines standing postures for the first 45-50 minutes, and floor postures for the remainder of the class.  The room is heated to 100-104 degrees, with plenty of humidity.  The postures are beginning, and it is ideal for all levels of practice.  The combination of this set sequence with the heat is a perfect blend for your body to heal, reset, recharge, and gain strength and flexibility.  COME IN HYDRATED.  YOU WILL SWEAT and feel amazing afterwards!

Vinyasa Flow

combines postures with your breath. Instructors choose from a variety of poses, sequencing them together.  The room is heated to 90-95 degrees.  It’s lower heat, at a little faster pace, so it is also great for beginners and advanced students.  You will get something a little different from each teacher.  Designed to bring you peace in your mind, and balance, strength and flexibility in your body.

Donation Vinyasa

Mon-Wed. @ 9:00pm

same as our vinyasa flow but you ONLY pay what you can!  Minimum donation is $5. 

Gentle Hatha

Our gentle hatha class will leave you feeling restored and refreshed.  This class will be mostly seated and slower-paced flows designed for healing and being deliberate with your body and breath.  This class is perfect for those with an injury, stress or in need of a more meditative practice.


"Hatha" is a basic, break down approach to a flow class.  We will combine static postures with movement and breath.  Perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike because we'll take the time to explain alignment principles to ensure safety and success as you prepare your  body to move toward a peak pose.  Heated to 90-95 degrees.


Wendy Colonna will lead you through the Short Form Ashtanga series.  This Vinyasa based set sequence is like a moving meditation.  The sequence includes Sun Salutations, standing and seated poses and finishes with a sequence with some inversions.  Modifications will be offered  beginners.